Indoor Exercises

Indoor exercises

People, irrespective of age, gender and ethnicity, have always admired toned, slender and attractive thighs. It is a dream of every woman to own a pair of thigh she can be proud of. To get them, along with proper diet maintenance regular exercises are necessary. Diet will help you lose the extra weight you carry on your thighs, and exercises will help shaping it up and getting rid of unwanted cellulites, the way you desired.

The busy and hectic life does not allow many women to go to a gym regularly, or join spinning classes. The good thing about thigh shaping is they do not necessarily need to be done at outdoors only. There are a number of easy steps you can do at home without ever stepping outside. They work excellently and give results like one gets at a gym. So, what are these exercises?

Indoor thigh exercises

The exercises can be divided in two groups: cardio and strength training. One might think strength training cannot be done without being into a gym, but that is not very true. Joining a gym or outdoor exercises are great, but the weight and strength training that you would have done in a gym can also be done at home, and you can use your upper body weight to work as the ‘weight’ you need on strength training. Put a motivating music on the player, and set your mood for a 30-45 minutes workout! 

Cardio training

  1. Jogging: Start by a little jogging for 10-15 minutes. You can do it in even in a limited space, by moving forwards and backwards in your room, or in your office if situations allow you to. Jogging is a great cardio exercise as it works on every muscle group of your body and warms you up nicely.
  2. Jumping ropes: Jumping ropes three to four times every week is another great start as a cardio exercise. It is an excellent warm up, cools down routine, and is good for your thighs too. Turn the ropes forward, and jump in the ropes alternatively at a regular pace. Maintain your body posture in a straight manner all through the process to avoid additional health hazards. At an intermediate level, you can go a level higher and try jumping with both of your legs together instead of using alternate legs.  
  3. Get on a treadmill: The best thing about treadmills are you can get the benefits of running outside as well as set the speed, count how many calories are you burning and rise the difficulty level by adjusting the incline.
  4. Indoor cycling: Indoor cycling is a good option to break a sweat, shape up your thighs and calves and works as a good cardio exercise. The additional benefit is you do not need to worry about injuries!

Strength training

  1. Climb the stairs: Yes, as easy as that. Give the lift a rest and use the stairs instead. Climbing stairs is something everyone knows how to do, and we may not realize, but it is an excellent exercise for both the front and back of your thigh muscles.  Start with one or two sets of 8-10 repetitions and increase the intensity if you think you are up to it. You can also add a little weight once you are adopted doing it without weight.
  2. Squat: Start with legs roughly one shoulder apart. Put your whole body straight. Now bend your knees to lower your body with your hips parallel to the floor and raise yourself back up. Do one or two sets of 8-10 repetitions. You can do it with no weight, with an exercise ball or you can use dumbbells to increase the intensity.
  3. Lunges:  Stand with your feet closed together, with your toes facing forwards. If you are not using weight you can place your hands at your hips, or place them by the side of your body while using dumbbells. Now move a foot forward and bend the opposite knee by pushing your hips to a level that your knee is away from the floor by only a few inches. Maintain the straight posture and do repetitions like the above.
  4. Side leg raise: Stand straight, place your hands on your hips. Balance your weight on right leg and move your left leg outwards, as much as you can. Keep both the legs as straight as possible. Repeat it on your legs, first outwards, and then inwards, forwards and backwards chronically in the same manner. This workout works on every muscle group of your hips and thighs.

A point to remember is, if you have a health condition that needs medical attention, please consult a physician or licensed fitness trainer before starting on your exercises. This way you can make sure that nothing goes wrong.

The moral is, enhancing your beauty, energy and strength through various thigh exercises. A little effort to make these exercises a part of your regular life is all you need to make your dream come true. These exercises will not only tone your thighs, but also increase the muscle power and you will learn to love your thighs. And so will many others. Therefore, bid the saddlebag thighs bye and embrace the new look by exercising regularly.



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