Thigh Massage Techniques

Thigh massage is an ancient method for relaxation and improvement of thigh health. Before or after exercise, to increase blood supply, to get relief from stress, there is no better option than thigh massage. As thigh is our weight bearing and transmitting structure, long term standing, running, walking, sports and exercising make them tired easily as well as prone to be attacked by muscle knot, sciatica and such health hazards. Thigh massage once or twice a week can remove all the pain and stress from thighs and can gift us very attractive skinny thigh with shiny skin!

Though thigh massages are not directly related to lose excess weight around the thigh area, the positive effect of thigh massage to get a healthy skinny thigh has been proven by many researches. Thigh massages can help in muscle building and enhancing the fitness levels, which indirectly increases chances to lose thigh weight. Thigh massages are also great for breaking down the cellulites gathered under the skin to help reducing the unwanted cellulites that make thigh skin look unattractive.

Massage centers, parlors, spa centers are available around us now a days where massages are readily available. They can provide good service for relaxing your mind. However, to avail that prior appointments are needed. They also tend to charge a handsome amount of money for each massage. People for whom the time and cost are major factors, home remedies and self-service may be the best solution.

Easy way to massage thighs:

Massaging your thighs on your own is as easy as applying some oil or lotion on the skin. A little concentration and intention to follow some particular movements make you a pro masseuse before you know it. Here are the instructions you have to follow:

  • Sit on a bed or floor mat.
  • Rest foot on a flat, comfortable surface and bend knee up.
  • Take some massaging agent like fragranced oil, lotion.
  • Start stroking straight from knee to upper thigh above downward.
  • Repeat for several times.
  • Rub gently the entire thigh.
  • Squeeze & release muscles lightly in rhythm
  • Give some light punch by lightly clenched fist.

With these simple steps, you can do a thigh massage at home. This will improve blood supply to surface of thigh. The benefit of doing thigh massage at home is you can do it any convenient time, and the massage is cost-free. You will only need to spend a few bucks on the proper thigh massage ingredients, and that is all!

Some popular methods:

  • Full muscle flush: Stroking muscles of the thighs from below upwards facilitate toxins to be eliminated from the thigh area. It helps to be prepared for deeper works.
  • Broad cross fiber stroke: As flush, some harder press is given on the thigh muscle fibers.
  • Deep muscle press: Specific points are pressed by the pointed but blunt bony areas keeping the comfort level of individual in mind. So pain areas get relieved sooner.

All over the world, some special but most popular methods are used to serve thigh massages to people. Many countries introduced their own ways of thigh massages as well. If you learn the techniques, you can apply them by your own! This will help you to relish and prevent monotony gained from routine exercises or workouts. Some of such popular thigh massages are-

  • Swedish massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Aromatherapy
  • Reflexology
  • Thai massage
  • Shiatsu
  • Hot stone massage

Contribution of massages to skinny thigh:

If you are doing regular thigh massages, your blood supply will be abundant to the specific structures of your thigh, which will in turn help in achieving skinny thighs sooner by distributing the nutritionals factors in between the blood and tissue properly. This result in better tissue metabolism, and hence, as well results in skinny thigh. Thigh massages are especially helpful in removing cellulites due to the pressures and movements provided during a thigh massage. Exercise provides bloods supply efficiently and promote metabolism and so does the thigh massage.

Skin over the thighs will appear shiny and lustrous due to proper blood supply availed by them as the extra blood supply brings enough nutrition to the skin to serve the purpose. Thigh massages also help reducing pigmentation such as dark spots and lighten the uneven darker skin. People who stand for long period on a regular basis are especially benefitted by regular massage of thighs. It is due to the following reasons:

·   Thigh massages are popularly known for their easy removal of lactic acids from muscles, which are mainly responsible for the pain we feel after a long workout or prolonged standing.

  • Along with the above, it helps to relieve stress and relaxes thigh muscles.
  • Thigh massages also reduces compression of sciatic nerve and thus removes pain.

From long sitting posture, long muscle fibers get knots, become tight. Thigh massage helps to get rid of them easily.

Therefore, we can see that the benefits of thigh massages are numerous. They can be safely done at a massage parlor, spa or even at home. The versatile range of thigh massages and techniques to choose from makes it very convenient and desired by many.



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