Cellulite Massage

Cellulite: What is it?

Cellulite is basically the ‘’spa’’ name for uneven skin forms or dimples developed through a combination of water, fat and toxic wastes that our body fails to eliminate in many cases. Some of the reasons of having cellulite in our body are improper diet, less activity level, hormonal changes, weakened connective tissue, poor circulation, and thickness of the skin.

Most women tend to develop cellulite on their bodies, especially around their buttock and thighs. The severity level of cellulite varies from mild to extreme where it spreads all over the body. Genetics often possesses an important factor of creating cellulite on women’s body. Besides, overweight also plays an influential factor to enhance this condition. Cellulite is an inflammatory condition where fat stays close the surface of skin. However, in the study of medicine there exists no specific type of fat named cellulite; it is rather a bulged form of fat cells under the skin. Like any other fatty region in your body, they can be pretty difficult to eradicate properly, but the spas advertise that can get an improved situation through a massage on the affected part of the body.

Reducing Cellulite with Massage – Is it Possible?

While most of the so called cellulite reduction systems are not clinically proven, endermologie or mechanical massage is a special type of cellulite message that has been clinically proven to reduce the skin fold thickness of women thighs (by 12%) within a 12 session package run over four weeks.

How does cellular massage or endermologie actually work?

In a cellulite massage a machine is used for rolling and suction that pressurize the affected fatty area. Having a deep massage can improves blood circulation to the affected area and the widely expected idea is that the positive pressure from the roller and the negative pressure from the suction in fact damages the fat cells and make them build up a restored fat cell contour under the skin. Besides, good massage helps to improve lymphatic drainage throughout the body, and allows stored fluids to get released. Another advantage of having proper lymphatic drainage is that, toxins can’t accumulate in the fatty tissues thus reducing dimples and bumps.

What type of cream should be used in cellulite massage?

Many types and varieties of ingredients are used for cellulite massage. The few most common ones are:

Herbal Active Gel like Aloe Vera, Ivy and Asparagus Extract, Rosemary Oil etc. and Herbal Contour Cream like Cinnamon, Shea butter, Evening primrose oil, Mandarin, Green Tea, Capsicum, Black Pepper Extracts and many others. According to clinical studies, the cellulite massage reduction works by enhancing the lymphatic or vascular flow and a number of botanical creams have been proved to improve this microcirculation resulting in reduced cellulite level. Along with this, a variety of methylxanthine like caffeine or aminophylline are said to have their effect on the lipolysis of the adipose issues into the free chains of fatty acids.

How to do Anti-cellulite massage

  1. Having anti-cellulite massage can increase blood circulation, and it will activate the lymphatic system. So, it is always better working towards the heart at the initial part of massaging. Start your massage process from the legs and then move upwards.
  2. You have to use quality oil or lotion for anti-cellulite massage as it requires twisting and friction that can initiate pain while performing on the dry skin. There are different types of anti-cellulite lotions and creams available in the stores to choose from. But, you have to be cautious while selecting creams as it may cause skin allergies.
  3. You have to give proper massage to warm up the tissues. You need to cover the maximum surface area of skin, and pinch, rub and knead the particular surface area as you would do with pizza dough. If you are working on a client, make sure that, all lines of communication are open throughout the massage. Besides, you have to make sure about the pressure as it needs to be optimum, and the client can feel relaxed and comfortable.
  4. Pinch the skin with your forefinger and thumbs, and pull your hands slowly away. Then rub deeper into the tissue for breaking up and smoothing cellulite. You have to remember all of your moves as you always need to move towards the heart.
  5. Place one hand to take a grip into that area, and use your palm, heel of your thumb or hand for rubbing the cellulite in a circular motion. Start at the bottom of the affected part, and again moves slowly towards the heart.
  6. Complete the massage with long, smooth strokes. It is really important to drink lots of fresh water after getting anti-cellulite massage as it will help releasing toxins from the stuck area into the blood stream.

Different other ways to reduce cellulite

There are some natural methods of reducing cellulite, but you have to understand that, it will act pretty slowly than usual anti-cellulite massage act. These methods are really beneficial for reducing cellulite and women can get healthier with full of energy to move on with their daily life.

  1. Drinking lots of water can be a good way of reducing cellulite on a slow process. Water keeps our body hydrated, and helps to eradicate cellulite through regenerating the connective tissue in the body. It also helps eliminating various toxins from the body. Water may not have the direct effect on the reduction of cellulite, but it can be really effective through excreting waste products like toxins from the body which works through retaining fatty tissue to create cellulite.
  2. Having proper diet, regular exercise, liposuction, body wraps, skin brushing, and using some herbal creams are also effective ways of reducing cellulite massage. And without a balanced lifestyle, the improved condition will go back to previous form.






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