Healthy Foods

A pair of nicely shaped thighs is considered the most attractive and appealing part of the body, especially for women. However, unfortunately fat cells like to reside the most in this place in a woman’s body. To reduce fat from thighs require reducing overall body weight, as no magic food that can target and trim the thighs only. Just being conscious about taking good, healthy foods, proper calorie intake, avoiding harmful food habit and combining it with some useful exercises can result in glamorous thighs!

What are the healthy foods?

Healthy foods are those, which contain necessary nutrients for our body and reduce the villain fat or cholesterol. Nutritive products, fibers, minerals, sufficient water & obligatory amount of calorie intake that also gives filling effect altogether comprises to a good food.

To lose thigh fat, and keep the cellulite away you have to take sufficient amount of protein and fibers without much calorie. Cellulites are another name of the fat that make your skin appear bumpy because the fat pushes against the connective tissue beneath the skin, causing the skin above it to pucker. Calorie should be little lower than our body metabolizing everyday so that already present fat can melt!

Carbohydrate and protein group:

Whole grains like brown rice, oatmeal, breads & pastas made up of whole grain wheat are excellent carbohydrate options. Your protein demand can be met up with legumes like lentils, peas, beans, skinless poultry, egg and seafood. These foods are great to shape up your thighs because they supply your body with the required calorie to turn into energy without adding extra pounds on your thighs.

Sufficient protein and less carbohydrate should be included in your everyday diet, as your body will burn fat from your thighs when it will not get enough carbohydrate to burn for energy. Therefore, the flabby fat in your thighs will gradually decrease. However, cutting off taking carbohydrates totally is a horrible idea as many people do, because fat burns only in the flame of carbohydrates. That means, to initiate your metabolism process, a little carbohydrate is essential. To remain energetic and not getting hungry, you have to eat frequently by keeping yourself limited into target calorie input. It will keep your blood sugar sustained.

Vitamins and minerals:

A healthy diet should contain huge amount of fruits and vegetables for the supply of adequate vitamins and minerals. Vegetables are great option for skinny thighs as they give you fullness of stomach and act as great source of fibers. Apple, berries, potato & broccoli are good examples.


Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acids are recommended to take in daily dietary chart. They are of high calorie so should be taken in small amount like a few nuts, 1 tbsp. olive oils, avocados 1/4th cup or dark chocolate 1/4th cup.


Drinking at least 2 liters of water per day is necessary. Other drinks like herbal or green tea that may facilitate your fat burning may also be allowed. Water is the key of all our body cells and skin looks healthy as it keep the cells properly hydrated. Tight, healthy skin of thigh will reduce cellulite and thigh will be smoother!

If some snakes needed, lettuce wrapped vegetable sandwich may be the best choice to kill the hunger. Snacking with a little chips or cookies goes against lean and slender thighs.     

Which foods should be avoided?

Some foods should be strictly avoided to maintain the required curve in thighs as they increase body fat along with thigh fat. Excess dairy products, sugar, salt must be skipped to maintain skinny thigh.

Soda, whether or not it is diet soda, must be avoided as it has high sugar and other additives which will provide you with nothing but empty calories.

Alcohol contains high level of concentrated sugar.  Therefore, it will make your thighs heavier. Same thing goes for artificial fruit juices. Where fresh fruits are great for your thigh and the overlying skin, artificial fruit juices do only bad. Readymade snacks like potato chips, popcorns, candy bars, ice creams, pancakes, which mean all kinds of fried, sugary things are forbidden.

Try to avoid processed foods because processing removes all those nutrients that help you lose weight and replaces them with sugar, syrup and hydrogenated oils to make you fatter.

Some last words

Along with strong devotion to proper dieting and calorie intake, to make your thighs adorable, exercise has no alternatives. Some effective exercises for thigh and lower limbs can enhance the function of healthy foods and result will be more impressive. Fusion of fixed calorie diet, some cardiovascular exercises thrice a week like lunges, squats, strength training with strong motivation will gift you skinny attractive thigh suitable for skinny jeans or sexy swimming wear! Setting goals, revising them regularly, monitoring the progress and journals will keep up the motivation until the result.


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