Food Consumption Pattern

To get desirable body shape or attractive thighs, obviously you have to be in strict diet pattern. Nevertheless, whatever you eat, love it. You can turn your definite calorie food suitable and delicious through various methods. Of course, low calorie diet does not mean to starve. It is very much vital to maintain blood sugar level sustained.

Food consumption pattern are also vital to fighting off cellulites, the ugly fat that does not allow your skin to look smooth, rather it makes uneven and bumpy. With diets taken at a proper time in the right pattern, and the right amount of exercises, cellulites should disappear from your thighs in short time.

When should I eat?

It is the most knocking question of people who are going to plan or already have planned to reduce their thigh fat. People worry so much about when to eat, how many meals to eat, whether to take breakfast or not! There is also question of pre and post workout meal.

On eating, there must not be any restriction or unbreakable rules to achieve adorable thigh and body shapes. Eating is something to enjoy! Yet calorie restriction should be there to get skinny thighs.

3 times meal or 6 times meal, how many calories? Late night eating or early morning eating? Thousands of questions confuse us every day, where there is actually no need to be so confused. Just one thing you have keep in mind that, whenever you want to eat, just eat. There is no need to keep your body hungry for long or no need to over indulge. The point is to eat just right, and foods with lesser calories.

Three times meal could be best, if you feel it is perfect with you or if you do not have that much time to split your meal in so many portions. Nevertheless, if you find six times meal is preferable, then do not hesitate, go for it. Your own compliance is the most important matter here in dieting. Just keep the goal of total daily calorie intake fixed. If you need 1800 calorie per day, then you can split it into three different meals each of 600 or 6 meals of 300 calories. The choice is completely yours! In addition, when it is that simple, why worry?

On average, a meal consisting of both liquids and solids stay 2-4 hours in a stomach, varying according to the fullness of stomach and consistency of the food. When stomach is emptied, it will signal your brain to cause hunger contractions. Therefore, stomach should get some food inside it before it starts cramping due to emptiness!

Should I skip meal?

Breakfast, lunch and dinner must be main three meals in everywhere of the world. Breakfast is a very important one among them. After a long time starvation during night (as we sleep for 6-8 hours!), you should take breakfast whenever you wake up. If you really do not like to eat anything, you could take your breakfast in fractions but skipping will not be a good idea! The meal you take in the day gives strength for your whole day’s work and provides enough nutrition to the brain.

Skipping meal is also not supported as our body get used to our eating time and metabolism is depends upon it. If you skip meal or do not maintain any regularity, metabolism system will get confused! It may have adverse effect.

How many calories do I need?

 Calorie cannot be estimated only by age or height. It depends on mainly on working pattern of individual. A person who is involved more in physical activities needs more calories. Usually moderately active women of 19-25 years old need 1800-2200 calories per day, and a sedentary woman needs only 1500-1600 calories a day. Now to lose weight on your thigh you need to make a calorie deficit in your body so that the stored fat burns. Cutting off 500 calories per day (or burning it through thigh specific exercises) makes a woman a pound lesser in a week. Therefore, determining the calorie requirement and set the target is essential. 

Should there be any special preparation?

It is suggested to take the meals in a specific time range every day to keep the metabolism running, but there really is not any need for special preparations.

Some studies show that protein gives stomach more filling sensation and emptying is slower than carbohydrate and fat. Vegetables also give you same benefit. Therefore, keeping them in your diet is a wise decision.

Without exercise, your dream of best-looking thighs is doubtful to come true. Therefore, it is mandatory to do thigh exercises along with proper diet. Heavy workouts are better to be started 1.5-2 hours after a meal as by that time the nutrients you consumed through eating would be available in your blood to be demolished, therefore keeping nothing to be stored as fat on your thighs. Along with that keep in mind, stuffing yourself with any kind of food after a heavy workout will bring back all the calories you just worked hard to get off. However, you can take a mouthful of green salad without any mayo/cheese dressing along with fresh fruit juice without any added sugar. This way you can tame your appetite and hydrate your body. Maintain this few tips and you can astonish your friends in no time!

Fasting Diet Plan

Fasting diet plan is another food consumption pattern that can help you loss your weight by fasting. This method doesn't use the food consumption pattern as the above like eating 6 or 8 times a day and eating breakfast. The rule for this diet plan is really simple , it is just limiting your eating hours. For more information you can got this page


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