Dangers of Cellulites

Cellulite is a common problem and has become a burning question now a day. One of the major reasons cellulite appear in the body is excess weight, poor eating habit and sedentary lifestyle. However, obesity is not the only cause of cellulite and people who are of average weight or even underweight may have the problem of cellulite. While obesity is a dangerous thing for your health and may cause certain life-threatening conditions, cellulite is mainly concerned with the aesthetic value and not much harmful for the overall health. What both of them have in common that nobody likes to have them on the body as they ruin the beauty of a body part. Cellulites on various places over body are often very tough to hide even by cloths.

Problems of cellulite:

Cellulite may not cause deadly harm to our body and health, but it is a matter of take intensive care of. Problems arise due to cellulite are-

·       Cellulite outcomes unflattering appearance.

·       Cellulite may cause distortion in a body part. In severe form, the normal curvature of knees or ankles may be completely obliterated.

·       Cellulite gives rise to pressure on nerve, resulting in severe pain.

·       May lead to insomnia.

·       Further contribution may give rise to the disturbance of nervous system.

·       Cellulite may affect the youth of a pretty face.

·       Fuller, round cheeks are sometimes a result of cellulites. Ironically, they may look good on some faces. However, one should note that this roundness is due to tissue swelling, and is not indicative of good health.

·       Collapse of these swelled tissues cause wrinkling of the skin.

Stages of cellulite:

Cellulite stages range from mild (unseen) to severe and painful.

·       In the first stage, no visible cellulites are detected. Only found if histopathology of the cells is done.

·       The second stage shows some changes in the texture of skin but no outward dimpling is found.

·       Stage three: Makes true visible signs of the cellulite, especially when the skin is at rest. In the deep layers of the skin, granulation can be felt when examined.

·       Stage four: Severe and painful symptoms are seen. Lumps that are attached in the deep thick layers of the skin start to push outward resulting the “dimpling” effect and the affected person often complains of severe pain.



From the above discussion, you have now come to know that cellulites also cause pain. However, you might be thinking of never being heard of pain on cellulite. It happens, as women usually do not complain of cellulite pain. Nevertheless, it is true that many of them are suffering from cellulite that has reached a painful state. This happens when the fat cells together put pressure on the skin.

Painful cellulites should be examined by a doctor before it causes any more complication leading to irreversible phase. Some patients report just a dull achy feeling to their skin in areas having cellulite. Others notice pain during performing certain movements or in certain positions.

 You can determine your clinical state of cellulites by certain scale. Here is how you can judge it based on the results of the pinch test, on the Nurnberger-Muller scale:

Stage 0 – No dimpling on standing and lying position.

Stage 1 – No dimpling on standing or lying state, however when pinched, the skin shows signs of cellulite. Many underweight women claim having no cellulite, but they have dimple on skin during the pinch test.

Stage 2 – Dimpling is present when standing only

Stage 3 – Dimpling is visible when both standing and lying down. At this stage, cellulite can become painful depending on its location and amount fat present in it.

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