Cellulite is a very recent concern among all the women around the world as it affects the beauty of your body to great extent. If you are somewhat embarrassed by the dimpled or lumpy skin in certain parts of your body then know that it is a very common problem these days. May be you are maintaining a controlled diet pattern or doing regular exercises to keep your body in good shape, but all of your efforts can be ruined when you are leaving your cellulites unchecked. For lack of knowledge, some people may think that it is something natural but it is not. However, for the most, cellulite is quite annoying as well as depressing, and they certainly would like to get rid of cellulite.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is a condition that affects the subcutaneous tissues mostly of the thighs and buttock. It appears usually due to loss of balance of the fatty tissue and other connective tissues beneath the skin. Cellulite has several stages. In the very beginning they are not even visible from outside. But with time they become visible as unusual skin texture. In the last stage, cellulite can even cause severe painful condition. You can measure your clinical standing with your cellulite by the Nurnberger-Muller scale with the help of pinch test.

Cellulite facts:

There is no definite cause for cellulite problems. The popular belief about overweight being the only cause of cellulite is so wrong! All the studies suggest that cellulite is an outcome of various processes. Most important of them all is the hormonal influence of estrogen. There are some other hormones involved but the involvement of estrogen explains why male are so unlikely to develop

cellulite. The other factors behind cellulite formation are: genetic predisposition, dietary habit, aging process, clothing and also some other lifestyle related factors.

Problems caused by cellulite:

Other than unpleasant appearance, cellulite can trouble you with some disturbing conditions. You will be surprised to know that it can be the reason for insomnia! When cellulite affects the nervous system then it can cause severe pain and some other nervous disturbances as well. By collapsing, cellulite can lead to wrinkled skin. The danger of cellulite can be turn a few folds worse if you do not take proper measures to reduce it in time, and therefore, trying to remove it from the body and thigh area would be a very wise decision!

Solutions for cellulite:

The good news for everyone troubled with cellulite is there are different medically proved methods available to get rid of it. Other than controlling the predisposing factors, you can use some good remedies to bid cellulite

goodbye forever. Cellulite creams are a handy and easy way to get rid of it. The other very useful options you have are: lipomassage, liposuction, mesotherapy and laser treatment.

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