What Makes Thighs Big

Many women have complained the problem of having big thighs over time. When size zero is the desired body shape worldwide, nobody likes to be in the higher-numbered size group. Even in women of size 2 or 4 this problem has been seen. Where the rest of the body agrees to be slimmer, the thigh area just will not listen!

Big thighs or ‘thunder thighs’, for many women, seems to be a crisis they want to get rid of badly. All the efforts with thigh-healthy diet plan and specific workouts would work less if the reasons of what makes thigh big were not known properly.

What makes thighs big?

The reasons of thighs being bigger have been searched many times over the internet. There could be multiple reasons for this. Let us take a look at them one by one.


No matter how surprising it may sound, it is true that the major reason women tend to grow bigger thighs is estrogen, the same hormone responsible for a woman being a ‘woman’.  It is due to more receptors on fat cells in the thigh, hip and breasts that bind with the running lipids of our blood. Estrogen plays a big role regulating this. This does not have any exception. Estrogen triggers our brains to bring whatever extra store we have down to our thighs. That is why even women having a very appealing and small upper body can have relatively larger thighs. As estrogen most obviously will run in the blood of a woman, she can expect that the amount of fat will be more in the ‘big thighs’ naturally than the amount of muscle. 

On the other hand, male hormone testosterone would make the masculine structure, which means more muscles than fat in a man is usually expected. Women have testosterone in them, too. Both the hormones are produced in both sexes, but the predominant hormone that is produced in a large quantity is specific for a sex.

Therefore, the balance between the estrogen and testosterone is crucial in thigh size. When the excess estrogen will make a woman more attractive and ‘ladylike’, they will also make thighs big. Only with proper diet and exercise routine, this can be counter balanced.   


The wonderful motherhood comes with a little cost. In the pregnancy period, especially during the second and third trimester, women gain weight around their thigh area. This is caused by a few factors. A female body is flooded with different kinds of hormones in the pregnancy period. One among them is estrogen. The body carries the more estrogen; the more weight gain is expected. By the grace of nature, women’s body shapes have been designed in specific ways that would be best for carrying a child. Therefore, in the reproductive years, the fat consumed everyday accumulates first in breasts, hips and thighs.

Another hormone that has pronounced action in pregnancy is ‘Relaxin’. As the time of delivery comes nearer, Relaxin makes the joints and muscles around the hip loosen for widening of the pelvis. In turn, the thighs look bigger comparatively.

Another point to remember is as the total weight carried by a pregnant woman’s thighs is increasing, the thigh muscle works more and can grow larger too. Many people thinks that the change body goes through during pregnancy is permanent. Actually, physician advised diet and regular exercise if started gradually after the pregnancy, a person could always get back the body to previous non-pregnant state. The time required though varies according to individuals.    

Lipolytic threshold:

The lipolytic threshold level in women’s body again depends on estrogen. Fat distributes in a woman’s body according to the lipolytic threshold in fat cells that vary in different areas of a body. The thighs of a woman have higher lipolytic threshold level as a result of higher number of ‘alpha-2 adrenergic receptor’, which is estrogen mediated. Unluckily, this is why where women would love to have bigger breasts and smaller thighs, reality becomes just the opposite.

Genetic predisposition:

Whether or not one will have big thighs was determined before she was born! It runs in our genes. There are specific chromosomes in our body for carrying information about all the biological traits we have. Moreover, this is passed from generation to generation. If one’s ancestors had the gene of having big thighs, and it comes down to one through the family tree, it is going to be very unlikely for for her to get leaner thighs naturally. 

There is also a big difference in between the male chromosome and the female chromosome. Males deposit fats around their abdomen and women in other areas. This can be easily checked by observing a few overweight men and women.


Now we all know that if we eat more fatty and junk foods, we will gain weight around our thigh area and that will in turn make our thighs bigger. It takes complex food to break down into simpler fat and be accumulated in the thighs only about an hour or so after a meal! The more extra-fried, creamy, cheesy solids and carbonated liquids one take, the faster she will be heavier on the thighs.

Apart from all the above, whether or not one has big thighs often depend on the perspective. Women with the perfect thigh size often suffer from depression because they think their thighs are just too ‘big’ where the truth is they are very desirable and sexy women. Very skinny thighs are not only a sign of bad health practices, but also are not that attractive in men’s eyes. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jenifer Lopez, and Beyoncé do not have super skinny thighs like the ramp models, but they are managing to be the symbols of attractiveness in their arena without a doubt.


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