Big Thigh

Who would not love to see herself looking ravishing in a pair of skinny jeans? I guess everyone would. But getting thighs that one would be proud of is not quite an easy task. Many people, and majority of them being women, complain of their thighs being too ‘big’. If someone is living a sedentary lifestyle, having big thighs are likely. But people who are very health conscious can have big thighs too! Wondering if your thighs are too big or just the perfect size? Or do you want to know which factors are responsible for your thighs being big? Find out below:

Proper thigh size:

It is hard to specify just one size to be perfect, because it greatly depends on the height and weight of a person. What matters is not the size, rather the proportion of your thighs to your body. You must remember that the keyword is ‘proper thigh size’, that is what you should aim at. On the process of losing weight from the thigh area, you should not reduce it so much that it becomes a health risk. Too much skinny thighs increase the risk of cardio vascular diseases, which have been proved by scientific studies! You should have a clear idea about the thigh structure first, and then losing the excess fat would be easier for you.

What makes thighs big?

One thing that everyone knows to be the barrier between you and skinny thighs are high calorie diet and lack of exercises. If you are always taking unhealthy foods that are full of empty calories, you are bound to gain weight in the thigh area, especially if you are not losing it with thigh workouts. What you might not know is that is not all.

Women are predesigned to get big thighs, as from the time of puberty estrogen flows in the body. Yes, it might sound very unfair and ridiculous, but estrogen does make the fat to

accumulate in the thighs. It is also related to the lipolytic threshold of an individual. Genetic predisposition also makes a big deal here. As how much fat will be stored in the thighs are somewhat decided prior to your birth, and it runs in your genes you inherited from your parents!

Losing it with proper diet and exercise:

Well, you might get big thighs from whichever reason; proper diet and exercise can always help you to shed the extra pounds off. Know about the thigh healthy foods and the food consumption pattern that is needed to get skinny thighs, as well as maintain skinny thigh.

There are thigh slimming exercises, both indoors and outdoors. You can chose from the indoor thigh exercises routine or the outdoor thigh exercises, whichever you find suitable according to your daily schedule.

Some alternate ways:

There are other ways to lose thigh fat the effective way to go along with diet and exercises, such as thigh massage, thigh liposuction, thigh acupuncture, laser treatment or mesotherapy. You can choose these procedures to get rid of the big thigh problems too. Some here are invasive; some are non-invasive and works differently with different person.

It is always a good idea to consult with a physician or a fitness expert about how to get rid of big thigh and I am sure a certified professional would be able to help you with your goal, according to your health specific needs.

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