What Is Shiatsu ??

Shiatsu is one of many techniques for doing massage. Shiatsu is a japanesse word means finger pressure.

Shiatsu is a bit different from other type of massage, shiatsu not only for relaxing but it can also use for healing diseases. It is because shiatsu work like accupunture, massage therapist will search through your body using hand and detect which part of your body got problems. Then, the massage therapist will apply some pressure to a specific point that can help healing your disease.


What Diseases Can Be Healed by Shiatsu??

Shiatsu can help cure some diseases like headache, neck and shoulder pain, tendonitis, back pain, sciatica, muscle tension, muscle strain and many other disease. It is because shiatsu has analgesic, relaxing, and restorative effect on the body.


Can Shiatsu Help Making Thigh Skinnier??

Yes!! Ofcourse shiatsu can help making thigh skinnier. The shiatsu practioner will act like your personal trainer that will give information to you about what you should do and should not do. Besides that, the shiatsu practioner will also give you some kind like massage that can help your fat burn faster.

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