What Can Green Tea Do?

What Is Green Tea?

Basically green tea is made from the same leaves as black tea and oolong tea, which is camelia sinensis. The differences between black tea, oolong tea and green tea are in the processing steps.

Green tea is the least processed compared to oolong and black tea. So it will make the leaves have a lighter flavor than black tea and also high catechins ( antioxidant). Besides that, short processing will make the leaves undergoes the least amount of oxidation that will make the processed leaves look the same as fresh picked leaves.

Green Tea Processing Step :

As written above, green tea processing step is the shortest. There are only 3 steps.

  • Steamed or Fixation or Kill-Green:

This step is the most important step, which is to determine the quality of tea leaves. In this step the leaves will be heated moderately, thus deactivating their oxidative enzymes and removing unwanted scents in the leaves, without damaging the tea flavour. Besides that, the purpose of this step are to release the tea aroma and to evaporate part of the water in the fresh leaves. Thus, the processed leaves can have a good textur

  • Rolling / Shaping :

In this step the tea leaves will be rolled using hand or using machine into wrinkle strips. After this process, the winkle tea strips can be shaped into many kind of forms like spirals, kneaded and rolled into pellets, or tied into balls, cones and other elaborate shapes. The purpose of this rolling / shaping step is enhancing the taste of the tea.

  • Drying

Drying the last process in tea processing. There are many ways to do this process like panning, air drying, baking or sunning. For making green tea, this process is crucial because the tea leaves should not overcook. If it's overcooked the it could be a green tea leaves.

That the processing step for making green tea leaves. As you could read, there no chemical ingredients are used in the processing. Thus, don't be afraid to consumed green tea.

Green Tea As a Herbal Drink :

As you know, green tea is primarily use a beverage by chinesse dan japanesse people for more than 100 years. However, the function of green tea just found researchers several years back. Researchers found that by drinking green tea, it can help reducing high cholesterol level, prevent cancer, infection, impure impaired immune function and other helpfull benefits for health.

Beside for health, green tea also can help for weight loss / diet. It's because green tea can help burning fat faster. However, you still need to do some exercises and fixed your consumption pattern. However, drinking green tea also have side effect which will make you hard to sleep. It's because green tea contains cafein. Thus, if you can please don't drink green tea at night so that will not get insomnia.

Green Tea For Skin:

Instead for a herbal drink, green tea leaves also can be used for skin. You can use green tea for massage cream, green tea soap, face mask, and body lotion.

Here are some benefits you will get if you use green tea at your skin:

  • Anti Aging: If you use green tea as face mask or body lotion. It can help you stay younger, cause there are catechins (anti -oxidant) in green tea. These catechins (anti oxidant) functions for protecting your skin from free radical and UV radiation. Futhermore, if your skin has been damaged by UV radiation, catechins in green tea can heal your damaged skin.
  • Prevent skin cancer : Because green tea can protect skin from UV radiation, so that green tea can also prevent skin cancer, It's because the primarily cause of skin cancer is the UV radiation
  • Removing Cellulite: If you use green tea as a thigh massage cream, then it can help removing the cellulite at your thigh. It's because there is theobromine  and cafein in green tea. Theobromine is  an alkaloid that can penetrate the skin and can stimulate the release of stored fat. For cafein, it also have similar function as theobromine which is burnt our fat faster.

Another good news is you can make your own green tea massage creams,and green tea facial cream just following some few easy steps.



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