Fasting diet plans

What's fasting diet plan?

Fasting diet plan is a plan where you should determine your food consumption pattern depends on your capability. There are 3 ways to do this diet plan.

  1. Fast for 16 hours or in another words you can only eat for 8 hours. For example, you have your breakfast (break fasting) at 10 a.m then you eat until 18.00 pm.
  2. Fast for 18 hours or you can eat for 6 hours. So, if you have breakfast at 12.00 a.m then you can only eat until 18.00p.m
  3. Fast for 20 hours or you can only eat for 4 hours.Same with the other 2 methods, if you have your breakfast at 12.00 a.m then you can only eat until 16.00pm

What should we eat??

The best thing if you want to do this diet plan is, you can eat anything you want as long as it is in your eating time. However, for the breakfast (break fasting) please eat normally, don't take your meal excessively.

If you are not in your eating time you are allowed to drink water, tea, or coffee, as long as the calories is 0 or near 0.

What excercise should i do??

Actually if you want to shape your body, it depends on what you eat. Researches say that gym only influence 30% of your body builder, the 70% is depend on what you eat.

If you using this fasting diet method, then you don't really need to do any excercise. However if you want your body looks more firm, better shape, big muscle, etc you should do the excercise. You make your muscles in GYM after you have a better body shape using fasting diet method.

The best time for doing excercise is in the morning before eating your breakfast. It is because research say that if you do excercise before breakfast your insulin is postabsorbtive state where the insulin drop. So when you do your excercise in this state then your fat will be burn much faster then before.

How long i should do this method??

Try it for 1 week and you will feel the difference. For the beginning try the 6 hours eating habit for 1 week. You will feel the difference at the third day. And if you feel that you want better and faster result you can try 4 hours eating habit.

If this consumption pattern has become your habit, then you can do this method for your whole life and you will never see your fat again.


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