Skinny Thigh      Skinny thighs might be the dream of thousands of the female population, but as saddening as it may sound, skinny thighs go in contrary to have a healthy, disease-free, longer life.

      Recent studies have shown that big thighs are certainly better when it comes to cardio vascular diseases. The result came from an extensive prospective cohort study that was undertaken by the supervision of Dr. Berit Heitmann and Peder Frederiksen from Copenhagen University Hospital and Glostrup University Hospital, respectively and was sponsored by the Danish Medical Research Council.

How big are we calling ‘big’ here?

A thigh circumference of 60 cm is considered ‘big’. In the study of a large population of both men and women showed that people who had a thigh circumference about 60 cm was less likely to suffer from any coronary heart disease or cardio vascular disease. Though it comes in relation with many other factors such as height, weight, body mass index, waist-hip ratio, waist-height ratio, life style, personal habits like smoking, alcoholism o tobacco consumption; the measurement of thighs make a big deal here.

The measurement is done just under the gluteal fold, which is the meeting point of the buttock to our thighs.

When are you calling thighs skinny then?

People having thigh circumference of less than 46.5 cm are known to have skinny thighs. In comparison to the ones with bigger thighs as mentioned earlier, they tend to grow heart diseases gradually, resulting in higher premature death rate.

Get big, yet attractive thighs

Bigger thighs mean lesser health risks. However, it does not mean the bigger the better it is. Thigh sizes more than 60 cm did not show to have any impact on protection against heart diseases. So yes, we can certainly aim for thighs that are beautiful, yet goes in favor for our healthier lives. All we need to take care of is our thighs are not thinned too much. With a proper diet habit and regular exercise, this can be achieved in no time.

Some good foods to get great thighs

Nothing can beat taking many vegetables, fruits and plenty of water if we talk about slimming thighs. Our daily diet should contain a collection of different seasonal fresh fruits. The day can be

kick started with a bowl full of green salad and a big glass of water. Taking a few nuts as the day passes by is a great option to have great-looking thighs!

Exercises that will help reach the goal

Good old-fashioned morning walks, jogging or a 30-minute evening run would be the best exercises to get rid of ugly big thighs. One can also go biking, mountain climbing, hiking or swimming for fun alternatives. Site-specific workouts are squats, leg press, leg rolls, Pilates that work for everybody, each time.